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Results - Pawformance Sports! Recreational Agility

Results - Pawformance Sports! Recreational AgilityPre-requisite: Results O&M Level Two Plus and /or Rally and Instructor permission.If you would rather play agility than watch it, join us! Jumps: Hoop, bars, cavalettis, boards - spread and the high jump. A tunnel may be available. Weaving is practiced with Rally style posts to allow more space and less spine twisting for larger dogs. Agility classes are held on a rubber floor. Pups and young dogs will not be jumping full height with consideration to growth plates. As in all my classes, we encourage and train 'with our pups'! We do not throw pieces of food or toys to have pets lured through obstacles. A fun way to exercise - for you and your pup! First Class: Bring pet, health updates, RDT folder, equipment from last class and park-it mat.Taught by Mary T. Ratelle of Results Dog Training & Pawformance Dog Sports!


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